Bristol Invicta Rifle Club




Open Shoot Rules


The meeting will be fully squadded.

Course of fire will be 40 shots at 25 yards.

Competitors will be allowed:

Ten minutes per card with a five minute break while targets are changed.
Unlimited sighters.
Centre spots removed will decide ties.

Trophies & Prizes

Trophies will be awarded to the first three places, with an additional prize for the first competitor in each class.
The 'New Pelmore Trophy' will be awarded to the highest scoring individual. (Trophy to be retained by Bristol Invicta R.C.)
Ladies Medal (First place only)
Juniors Medal (First place only, Unless entries justify more (must be under 18 years at competition date).
Pairs: A & B / C & D
Teams of Three (Handicapped)


A class - 97.20 and over.
B class - 96.00 and under 97.20
C class - 94.00 and under 96.00
D class - under 94.00

Averages to be calculated from the best 10 of the last 12 indoor cards, please state competition / league.

Anyone submitting a false average will be disqualified.

Entry Fee

Standard fee £ TBA
Junior fee £ TBA
Pairs (each) £ TBA
Team of Three (each) £ TBA (Please E-Mail for costs)

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